Lisbon, Portugal

I work as a graphic designer and a photographer.
I teach graphic and communication design since 2018.

I operate in the field of publication, book design and typography. I collaborate with artists, architects and photographers on a project specific basis.

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February, 2020
Collective Exhibition

Meia década de resistência tipográfica e editorial (oficional/projetual/autoral)
Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, Lisbon

April, 2019
Collective Exhibition

Texturas Impermanentes: paisagens do Tejo
School of Communication and Media Studies, Lisbon

November, 2018
Collective Exhibition

A Experiência do Lugar: Olhares e Registos da Paisagem
School of Communication and Media Studies, Lisbon


Since 2015 my work has been photographed in collaboration with Fernando Piçarra.